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Greetings from the Dean

The mission to foster global citizens fully equipped with practical knowledge

In order to cultivate creative persons with the ability to act as an effective catalyst between local and global realities

Tomizawa Hisao, Ph.D. Dean of the School of International Relations

Nowadays universities in general are increasingly expected to play a leading role as the Center of Knowledge to vitalize local knowledge and resources to be introduced to the global context and vice versa in a creative and productive way. Our School of International Relations should be positioned as the nucleus of such a function of the university, supplying students with adequate methods by which they can precisely grasp any local, national or global realities, and acquire the ability to act as innovative catalysts among those different dimensions of human society.

The School of International Relations aims to foster global citizens invested with practical knowledge, namely, truly creative persons who can surely act on a proper understanding of anything and who are sufficiently cultured so as to be in a position to solve any problem they face in any corner of the earth. For that purpose, students are systematically trained to gain a global-scale perception and understanding as well as the ability to make an in-depth analysis of local reality.

Today, internet technology enables us with unbelievable ease to access almost unlimited and diverse kinds of information and knowledge, while, on the other hand, we are far more vulnerable than ever to stereotyped information and dogmatic ways of thinking which are always accessible via the same technology. In such contemporary surroundings, we consider it even more significant to cultivate human resources equipped with critical thinking and insight to find out what is really essential in complex human phenomena, and persons with a satisfactory competence of intercultural communication as well, who can act on appropriate practical knowledge as best befits the situation.

The School of International Relations consists of two departments. The Department of International Relations aims to guide you to the above-mentioned abilities and skills through social scientific and research-based approaches focused on political, economic, social and cultural matters in an international dimension. The Department of International Languages and Cultures helps you achieve the same objective through intensive area studies based on a necessary regional linguistic competence and multi-disciplinary approaches. The two departments provide you with different entrances and educational programs but both have the same ultimate goal.

We are really looking forward to meeting you in our campus very soon!

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