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School Overview

Border crossing will open up a new world for students.

The School of International Relations provides global education through various courses bridging academic disciplines. All you need is the courage and curiosity to transcend national borders! When you cross boundaries, the world opens.

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The Four-Year Progression

Leading English Education

The School of International Relations is proud to offer state-of-the-art English language education, a must for fostering talent to play an active role in the global community.

Six native-speaking English educators, who belong to the language communication research center, not only instruct all of the compulsory subjects but also provide individual one-on-one English pronunciation guidance.

During their first and second years, students take examinations in April and February of the following year, and are then organized by the skill levels according to the test score. This process allows students to improve their learning effects according to their English language skill levels. Additionally, the department offers an enhanced TOEIC preparation course as well as English Presentation courses to improve the ability of intermediate and advanced students.

Our Self-Access Language Learning Center (SALL) and our new multimedia studio offer students an opportunity to learn interactively using the Internet, DVDs, podcasts, and more.

For overseas English study, students can take advantage of the schools’ affiliation with Ohio State University, Newcastle University, and California State University, Sacramento.

25-Year Anniversary  Symposium
25-Year Anniversary Symposium
Self-Access Language  Learning Center (SALL)
Self-Access Language Learning Center (SALL)
Affiliated school:  Ohio State University
Affiliated school: Ohio State University

Implementing the Program for Promoting University Education (Education GP)

From 2010 to 2012, the School of International Relations has instituted a “first-year fieldwork education model” as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology‘s “Program for Promoting University Education.” By providing the opportunity for fieldwork experience in six locations including Australia, Kenya, Spain, Vietnam, the United States and Japan, we hope to enrich students’ first-year education and enhance the academic curriculum.

Obtainable Licenses & Qualifications

Type I High School Teacher’s License Through teaching practice and acquiring the required credits, students can obtain a Type I high school teacher’s license in English or Japanese. Since earning the necessary credits can be difficult, students are encouraged to seek guidance at admission and complete the necessary credits at the earliest during their course of study.
Social Researcher Social researchers wrestle with our complex modern society and aim to solve its issues. For this, the methodology of social research is indispensable. Social researchers conduct surveys and analytic research for research institutions, the government, and companies. The School of International Relations provides a curriculum for obtaining the “social researcher” qualification (recognized by the Japanese Association for Social Research).
Japanese Language Instructor The Japanese language-training curriculum provides the necessary background information and skill sets to students who wish to teach the Japanese language to foreigners or otherwise interested students. Students can take up any subject or course. If a student obtains required subject credits, a “Certificate of Japanese Language Instructor Training Curriculum Credit Acquisition” will be issued at graduation.
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