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School of International Relations
Graduate School of International Relations

International Politics & Economics Course

Approaches international relations from three areas of study: political science, economics, and behavioral sciences

This program comprises a curriculum centering on political science, economics, and law to equip students with the tools to solve today’s varied international problems. International problems involving poverty or the environment, for instance, have a complex web of political, economic, and legal aspects. The curriculum aims to give students the tools needed to create multilayered solutions to these international problems.

This major is for those who wish to cultivate the ability to grasp matters of global significance and to work in the international community. The curriculum covers everything from fundamentals to application with the aim of providing comprehensive education. In their first year, students begin their studies of politics, economics, and law. In their second and third years, they move on to specialized coursework.

The small class size allows teachers to give tailored guidance to each student, raising the quality of students’ studies.

In their first-year, students can take up “International Politics & Economics Special Study,” a small class in which they acquire critical skills through directed readings, oral presentations, report writing, and discussions. In their third and fourth years, students take a seminar with approximately five students per year. For two years, students delve into topics most interesting to them and develop that research into a graduation thesis.

Student Presentation
Student Presentation
Seminar Background
Seminar Background

Department of International Relations

  • International Politics & Economics Course
  • International Behavioral Sciences Course
  • Department of International Relations / Approaching International Relations from the perspective of politics, economics, and global studies.
  • Department of Languages and Cultures / Study the regions of Japan, Asia, America, and Europe through language and culture.

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