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Graduate School of International Relations

Department of International Relations

We offer some extensive approaches covering politics, economics and behavioral sciences for an accurate understanding of international relations.

Moving into the 21st century, the international community is increasingly borderless and diverse. This is also an era of living together with people whose nations, cultures, natural environments, and histories are very different from our own.

These majors approach international relations through studies of politics, economics, and behavioral sciences.

These majors analyze the aspects of international relations from the viewpoints of political science, economics, and law as well as sociology, social psychology, and cultural anthropology.

The IR department has created two programs to meet students’ career choices and interests—the “International Politics and Economics Course” that approaches through studies of politics, economics, and law, and the “International Behavioral Sciences Course” that approaches international relations (both societal and individual) through studies of sociology, social psychology, and cultural anthropology.

Career choices after graduation

Service industry
A wide range of jobs covering accommodation, food service, travel, airline, broadcasting and advertisement.
Manufacturing industry
Manufacturers and their international divisions covering steel, chemical, food, electric apparatus, automobile and robot etc.
Transportation and Telecommunication
Travel and freight such as JR and other private railways etc.
Wholesalers and retailers
The variety of merchandise covering wholesale targeted at business firms and retail for general consumers.

Department of International Relations

  • International Politics & Economics Course
  • International Behavioral Sciences Course
  • Department of International Relations / Approaching International Relations from the perspective of politics, economics, and global studies.
  • Department of Languages and Cultures / Study the regions of Japan, Asia, America, and Europe through language and culture.

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