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British and American Culture Course

Practical Expertise in British and American Culture

The curriculum is divided into the following two parts. As students complete these specialized courses, they further improve their academic English proficiency:

  1. Linguistics. Specialized courses include the following:
    • Introduction to English linguistics
    • Comparative linguistics
    • Psycholinguistic theory
    • Linguistics education
  2. Literature and culture. Specialized courses designed to improve the practical use of academic English include the following:
    • British and American history
    • History of British and American literature
    • Introduction to British and American literature
    • British, American, and Australian culture

Building upon these topics, students explore other topics of special interest in their seminars and subsequent theses.

Overseas English study opportunities are offered every summer in Britain (Newcastle University) and in the United States (Ohio State University). Upon completion of these programs, students earn credits for "overseas English study."

Course Overview
Course Overview
Lecture Background
Lecture Background

Department of International Languages & Cultures

  • British and American Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Asian Culture
  • European Culture
  • Department of International Relations / Approaching International Relations from the perspective of politics, economics, and global studies.
  • Department of Languages and Cultures / Study the regions of Japan, Asia, America, and Europe through language and culture.

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