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Asian Culture Course

Here students study disciplines that directly touch upon contemporary Asian trends in international relations.

By choosing personally engaging courses, a student can learn interdisciplinary and regional manners of thinking.

Students who intend to conduct regional Asian research require the knowledge of other academic disciplines and foreign language study. They need, in addition to English, practical knowledge of the languages of their countries and regions of interest.

Therefore, students in the Asian Culture Course will study at least one foreign language (Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Russian, or other), in addition to English, beginning in the first year of study. Students may find it helpful to study additional languages. Students in this major should have both interest and aptitude for foreign languages, including English.

The faculty’s research interests include China, the Korean Peninsula, the Islands of Southeast Asia, and Russia; students may find it advantageous to study these regions. Whether a student aims to understand Asian or non-Asian international relations, multifaceted students who possess interests in a wide range of academic fields are always in high demand.

Asian Culture Course Exchange Events
Asian Culture Course Exchange Events
Special Lectures by Prominent Korean Speakers
Special Lectures by Prominent Korean Speakers

Department of International Languages & Cultures

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  • Japanese Culture Course
  • Asian Culture Course
  • European Culture Course
  • Department of International Relations / Approaching International Relations from the perspective of politics, economics, and global studies.
  • Department of Languages and Cultures / Study the regions of Japan, Asia, America, and Europe through language and culture.

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