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European Culture Course

Approaching European culture from various directions

What comes to mind when you think about Europe? Some students might initially answer soccer or movies. These are surely important parts of the European culture; however, this major approaches European culture from different perspectives, such as literature, history, philosophy, art, movies, and sports.

Language study is an important component in this course, and students are required to study German, French, or Spanish in order to enter the program.

Our language courses include, apart from the core class, conversation and expression classes giving students practical foreign language ability. To bring their language study to life, students are encouraged to participate in a one-month language study program in Germany, France, or Spain during summer break, after completing their second year.

Starting in the second semester of the third year, students have the opportunity to study abroad for one year at affiliated schools such as the Bremen University of Applied Sciences in Germany or the Institutes of Political Studies in France. Overseas study is more than just language study. Through the eye-opening experience of encountering different cultures, students come to see themselves and Japan with a new set of eyes.

To master a language besides English, not to rely on information via the United States, and to cultivate true world citizens—these are the goals of the European Culture Course.

Seminar Background
Seminar Background
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
Semper oper, Dresden, Germany
Semper oper, Dresden, Germany

Department of International Languages & Cultures

  • British and American Culture Course
  • Japanese Culture Course
  • Asian Culture Course
  • European Culture Course
  • Department of International Relations / Approaching International Relations from the perspective of politics, economics, and global studies.
  • Department of Languages and Cultures / Study the regions of Japan, Asia, America, and Europe through language and culture.

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